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Victoria Lodge, Leeds

Woodhouse Grove School

  • Website: www.woodhousegrove.co.uk
  • Founded:  1812
  • 5 miles from Leeds.
  • The School is very close to Leeds-Bradford International Airport.
  • Situated in beautiful English countryside on a 70 acre site.

LELS is a partner institution on the sponsor licence of Woodhouse Grove Independent Boarding School, Leeds.

One visa covers:

  • Pre-sessional English course at the Leeds English Language School
  • A levels at Woodhouse Grove School (2 years)

Acceptance for A levels after the pre-sessional English course is unconditional. No need to re-take IELTS. No need to extend the visa.

Acceptance at any university in the UK (including Oxford and Cambridge) is possible after A levels. This is dependent on A level grades achieved.

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Age range: 11-18 (mixed)

Total number of students
Total number in the Sixth Form
Total number of boarding students in school


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Australian (2), Chinese / Hong Kong (39), French (1), Georgian(1), Hungarian (1), Indian (1), Iranian (1), Japanese (1), Nigerian (3), German (3), Pakistani (1), Rumanian (1), Russian (1), South African (2), Sri Lankan (1), Zimbabwean (3).

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A Level Studies

Subjects to choose from:

  • Art
  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Computing
  • Design & Technology
  • Drama
  • Economics
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • French
  • General Studies
  • Geography
  • German
  • Government and Politics
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Further
  • Media Studies
  • Music
  • Music Technology
  • Physical Education
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Religious Studies
  • Spanish
  • Theatre Studies

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A level results 2010

  • 100% pass rate
  • 74% A-C

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Destination of leavers 2009 and 2010

Class of 2009

Class of 2010

lmperial College,
Leeds University
Leeds University
Leeds Metropolitan University
Liverpool universitv
Manchester Metropolitan University
Manchester University
Newcastle Sheffield
Newcastle College
Nottingham Trent
Queen Mary, London
Royal Veterinary College Sheffield
University of Central Lancs

Bath School of Music & Performing Arts
Bradford College
Bradford University
Central School of Speech and Drama City London
East Anglia
lmperial College, London
Leeds Metropolitan University
Kings College, London
Liverpool University
Manchester Metropolitan University
College of Art Manchester
Nottingham Trent University
Nottingham University
Oxford University
Salford University
St Andrews
University of Central Lancs
University of Arts, London
Westminster University
York St John
York University

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Boarding Accommodation

Three well-equipped boarding houses, study bedrooms with en-suite facilities, lounges and games rooms, kitchens, TV and video rooms, internet access.

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All international students in the school are required to have guardians who will act in loco parentis. Guardianship can be arranged by Leeds English Language School.

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Clubs, societies, activities


Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Fitness/Multi Gym, Gymnastics, Netball, Rounders, Rugby, Squash, Swimming, Tennis, Athletics, Volleyball

The following sports tours have taken place in the last two years: Senior Rugby & Netball trip to South Africa, Girls Netball & Hockey trip to Australia, Senior Cricket trip to Barbados, U15 Girls Hockey trip to Holland, U15 Rugby trip to Edinburgh and Swimming training in Barcelona.


Singing, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Saxaphone, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba, Piano, Organ, Percussion, Guitar


Chess, Dance, Fencing, Golf, Speech and Drama, Taekwondo

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Full Boarding and Tuition: £20,400 per year

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Entry Requirements

For the pre-sessional English course:

  • Level B1 in English (equivalent to IELTS 4.0)

For Woodhouse Grove School:

  • Completion of the LELS Pre-sessional English course
  • Good examination results from high school
  • Successful completion of the Assessment Tests for International Students
  • Successful completion of the English pre-sessional course at the Leeds English Language School.
  • No need to re-take IELTS
  • No need to extend the visa. One visa will cover the pre-sessional English course and the two year A level course.

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Application procedure

  • Contact info@leedsenglish.com who will send the application forms.
  • Complete TWO application forms, one for your pre-sessional English course and one for your A level course at Woodhouse Grove School.
  • Send your most recent high school examinations transcript, and any evidence of English ability (if available) to: info@leedsenglish.com.
  • Woodhouse Grove School will then contact you and conduct their secure Assessment Tests for International Students.
  • Woodhouse Grove School  will advise you regarding fees, the deposit, and payment dates for A levels and boarding.
  • You will be required to pay a deposit of £2000 (refundable) for your pre-sessional English course before your CAS is issued.
  • You will then receive a CAS from Woodhouse Grove School which will be used for your visa.  The CAS will contain a lot of information.
  • This information must be copied exactly onto the visa application form. 
  • The CAS will state that you have an unconditional offer for A levels from Woodhouse Grove School and that you will be following a pre-sessional English course at the Leeds English Language School for a certain number of weeks.

CAS = Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies

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For more information please contact:

Leeds English Language School
115 Victoria Road,
Leeds, LS6 1DR,
United Kingdom
TEL: +44 (0)113 2751964
FAX: +44 (0)113 2947772
Email: info@leedsenglish.com

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